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Current Specials at Holiday RV Super Centre

If you're in need of an RV, RV service, or RV parts in Brooks and the surrounding area, then you're in luck. At Holiday RV Super Centre, our current specials include parts specials, service specials, and featured inventory. On top of being a premier retailer of new and used RVs, our sales staff and experienced technicians are committed to setting you up with the best deals, parts, and services for your needs.


Get Ready for Summer by Buying an RV

Summer's almost here, and that means it's time to start planning all of the amazing adventures you are going to have. Make them even more amazing by finally going out and getting that RV you've always wanted. At Holiday RV Super Centre, we carry motorhomes for sale in Alberta that will get you where you want to go and keep you comfortable once you're there. There's just no denying the benefits of owning an RV.


Your Guide to Buying a New or Used RV

So, you've considered all of the benefits of having an RV and decided that it's time to enjoy those benefits yourself. Knowing where to start when buying an RV can feel a bit overwhelming at first, which is why Holiday RV Super Centre is here to help. We understand that purchasing motorhomes for sale in Alberta is a big decision, and we've put together these three simple steps to guide you through the process.


Planning to Camp in Alberta? Why You Need an RV

Camping is a quintessential Albertan summer activity. Whether you like hiking in the mountains, fishing on the banks of beautiful lakes and rivers, or just relaxing around a campfire in the forest, our great outdoors provide something for everyone. At Holiday RV Super Centre, we are passionate about camping, and we love helping people from in and out of province enjoy a good camping trip in one of our motorhomes for sale in Alberta.


Features and Benefits of Fifth Wheel Trailers

A fifth wheel trailer is a unique type of RV that has an overhanging extension which creates a bi-level floor plan. This extension is designed to sit over the bed of a pickup truck, to which the trailer is connected by a fifth-wheel hitch. At Holiday RV Super Centre, we carry both new and used motorhomes for sale in Alberta, including fifth wheel trailers.


Benefits of RV Financing with Holiday RV Super Centre

Many people love the idea of having an RV but worry that the price is too far out of their budget. Other times, they consider taking out a loan on their home in order to make the purchase. At Holiday RV Super Centre, we offer RV financing for our motorhomes for sale in Alberta so that you don't have to compromise on your dreams or borrow against your home.


Located in Redcliff, Holiday RV Super Centre also serves the surrounding areas of Brooks, Swift Current, and Maple Creek. We have motorhomes for sale in Alberta that you can use to explore our beautiful southeast corner of the province or that you can take across the provincial border and into Saskatchewan. Our sales staff and service technicians will set you up with the right motorhome for your needs, ensuring a fun vacation for you and your family. To learn a bit more about the areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan that we serve, read on below.

Interested in buying an RV but worried about the cost? The RV dealers in Alberta at Holiday RV Super Centre can help make your dream vacation a reality with RV financing that suits your budget. Our experienced Alberta RV dealers will help you decide what type of new or used RV is best for your needs, and we'll then set you up with the experts in our finance department to go over your financing options.

Buying an RV is a big investment. With so many different types to choose from, it's important to know exactly what you're looking for before you go out to buy. When considering the type of RV to buy, think about what you'd like to do with your purchase. Do you plan on using it once in awhile for family road trips? Do you want to use it for a summer on the road? Or do you simply want to spend the rest of your life travelling from one place to another? At Holiday RV Super Centre, we have everything you need to make your RV dream come alive. Let our team of experts walk you through three of the different types of RV we carry.

5 Reasons to buy a used motorhome from our lot

Buying an RV is a big decision. If you decide to buy new, you could end up spending well into six figures. It's a financial responsibility that requires careful consideration and planning. However, a used RV is far more reasonable and less daunting for your wallet. At Holiday RV Super Centre, we take pride in the service we provide for our customers. Let our team of expert sales staff walk you through 5 good reasons that you should pick up an RV from our collection of used motorhomes in Alberta.