Winter Living

Winter RV Living!!

If you must live in your RV through the winter here are some helpful tips to keep you comfortable.

  • Get custom skirting made: Custom vinyl skirting can be ordered from multiple upholstery companies.  Getting vinyl skirting made has its advantages. It has to have some give to it, so when the ground freezes it won't push up the bottom of your trailer, denting the trim. The main idea of skirting is to create a dead air space below the trailer. This acts like insulation. Also custom skirting can be removed and installed in minutes and can be stored easily in a compartment. A definite must have for winter camping!
  • Heat pads and ceramic heaters: Heat pads are a great way to directly heat your holding tanks and keep them from freezing. Holiday Rv sells heat pads that can run off 12volt or 110volt electricity. These heat pads can be glued to your tanks to secure them in place. Another great idea is to put a small ceramic heater under your trailer in the skirted in area, this will take the chill off the floor in your trailer because heat rises!
  • Condensation is your #1 enemy in RV winter living.  Damage caused by condensation is not covered under warranty. Ventilation and air circulation is a must. Use fans and a dehumidifier to help ease the problem.
  • Insulate Propane Tanks:  Propane is a liquid inside of a tank and it vaporizes below -40 degree Celsius. Propane will not vaporize so it will not work in your appliances. Insulate your propane tanks to help prevent this from happening.
  • Fridge: Your RV fridge is designed to work in the summer. With the large temperature fluctuations that happen throughout winter the fridge computer thinks something is wrong and will flip into default mode. To prevent this put a work light and a heat pad in the fridge access panel.  This will help keep the temperature constant and the fridge will not fail as easily. At extremely cold temperatures your fridge's cooling unit may freeze and the fridge will not work. If this happens you should turn off your fridge to prevent further damage, warm the fridge to room temperature and then try turning on the fridge. If this does not work, call Holiday RV Service Dept at 403 548-7087.
  • Windows; Dual pane windows are a must have item if you are going to spend the winter in your RV. If your RV does not have dual pane windows you can get storm windows made which is basically a second pane of glass that you slip onto the inside of the window to create a dead air space. Another way to do this is with stick on plastic. The main reason this is needed is to prevent condensation form building up on the inside pane of glass and then freezing and melting, the water can run down the wall and cause rot and mold.
  • Place extra insulation around seals around slide outs to help prevent drafts and heat loss.
  • Insulate any holes coming though the trailer with spray foam.
  • Leave cupboard doors open; Sometimes water lines will be run throughout cupboards, leave these cupboard doors open and apply pipe insulation to lines that tend to freeze.

Please use caution when living in your RV in the winter. We cannot guarantee the above modifications if you do them yourself, every RV is different. For a winterization estimate see our service department.

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